Creation 2020

Rudimentaire is the third part of the trilogy Notre Décennie, written by Stéphane Bonnard and published in September 2018 by Espaces 34.
It draws the trajectory of a character (is it the same?) unfolding from one text to another, crossing a decade, from 2009 to the present day.

25 questions the social space, via the world of work.
L’Immobile works the urban space with the soliloquy of a man stopped in the flow.
Rudimentaire looks at the "world-space ", traced by communication technologies.

With the staging of Rudimentaire in 2020, KompleX KapharnaüM wants to work on a proposal focussing on the inside/outside. In an ephemeral space the scenography will evolve according to the flow of people and natural light of the place. Rudimentaire is a play for 1 actor, 1 actress, 1 live musician (drums), and will have as a backdrop the passers-by and inhabitants of the public space.

"At dawn
In his bed, a family father
opens his eyes, prepares himself
to a new day at work.
on a large deserted square
of a city, a woman is waiting,
the first step,
the first movement.
Two stories,
two monologues,
two space-time.
And at the end, there's the fire.
The emerald green fire. »

Creative process

Musical performances:
- December 22, 2017 : Les Nuits Bleues, Théâtre Garonne, Toulouse
- September 8, 2018 : The Factory - CNAREP Tournefeuille/Toulouse Métropole

Artistic residencies:
In progress

Co-productions and support

In progress



Author-performer: Stéphane Bonnard
Performer: Mathilde Saillant
Composer-performer: Guilhem Meier