Urban and musical tale - Production 2017

In 2014, Stéphane Bonnard wrote the text L’Immobile after a happening he organized, involving a period of immobility of around ten hours or so, on the forecourt of la Défense in Paris.

L’Immobile tells the story of a man who, one day, upon leaving his office, located in a business district, has a moment of weakness, and stops for an instant… and never sets of again. The text recounts the thoughts of this man. Alternating between on the one hand, a description of what he sees: the daily bustle of a business district, the many characters who come close to him, awkwardly, not quite knowing what to do, a young woman appears, a colleague from work, who seems to be the only one who understands even a little about what is happening, as he is unmoving, taking root, unspeaking. On the other hand, mixed in with these descriptions, one fnds the more intimate thoughts which animate this man; his relationship with his job, his family, past anecdotes which come back to the surface, the transformation of his body. Because he stays there long enough to become physically transformed. Long enough also for others to join him after a while (frst a young girl, then a second, and a third). The fnal image evokes a forest of bodies, so many of them that they become an obstacle to the fow of this business district, to the point of interrupting it and shifting it towards a form of urban poetry. This last image is the starting point for: LES Immobiles.

Coproductions and partners

Théâtre Nouvelle Génération (TNG), Dramatique National Centre of Lyon
With the support Théâtre Ouvert, Centre National des Dramaturgies Contemporaines and Ile-de-France Région
With the support of SACD to the author.

Funding for production
Centre National du Théâtre.


11 – 12 October / Paris, Les Halles area / Art'R ‐ Lieu de Fabrique Itinérant pour les arts de la rue (migration entresort)
16-17 June / Amiens / La Rue est à Amiens (migration entresort)
31 January / Tournefeuille / L’Usine – National centre for street arts and public space – Tournefeuille / Toulouse Métropole

17-18 November / Vaulx-en-Velin / KompleX KapharnaüM (migration entresort)
8 November / Villeurbanne / Ateliers Frappaz (musical reading)
19-25 August / Pelussin / Les Bravos de la Nuit
7-11 February / Lyon / Théâtre Nouvelle Génération (Premières)

16 August / Aurillac / Aurillac Street Art Festival (Previews)


Author / performer : Stéphane Bonnard
Composer / performer : Marc-Antoine Granier
Artistic partner : Alexandre Plank
Scenography / light design: Yoann Tivoli
Setting maker : Balyam Ballabeni
Choreographer : Géraldine Berger
Fashion design : Mö de lanfé
Conception / technical management of the entresort : Simon Zerbib
Technical direction : Gille Gallet
Sound developer : Jérôme Champlet, Gilles Gallet, Arnaud Guiller, Marc-Antoine Granier
Light design : Alix Veillon
Graphic Design : Doriane Roche
Fit-up : Vincent Ange, Hugo Frison, Arnaud Guiller, Arnaud Van Cortenbosch, Simon Zerbib
Lighting operator : Arnaud Van Cortenbosch
Sound operator : Arnaud Guiller
Production - Diffusion : Marion Gatier, Floriane Rigaud

Teaser L'Immobile x migration

Teaser L'Immobile en salle