We are speechless. Staggered of course. But also...
Let me tell you.

In October, Pierre comes to see me and says: "That's it, I'm tired of it, the climate is gloomy, it stinks of fear, everyone is frozen, let's do something, something huge, we'll break the bank, invest all of our savings, we'll involve the whole team, 25 people, we'll do something huge, 3, 4, 5000 people. We'll release it in June. Go on, let's do it."

This is completely crazy, so of course I say yes. We get carried away, talk about an ode to the city, its otherness, a tribute to urban curiosity, to the energy of the encounter. We talk about a couple of skaters that we would follow in the city: really go for it, hit the road and open the doors without fear of the other...
You get the picture...

In November, we try to clarify: our intentions are all very well, but when you are talking about 5000 people, you have to be very precise otherwise nobody understands a thing and it becomes a riot.
I propose this pitch:
“In 2025, for reasons of social security and health, a new law restricts the movement of the population to a perimeter around their home. It's the evening before this law is passed."
You know what happens next…

Mid-March, the whole team were in residency on this project.
It was all going well. As we talked about what was going on in the show and how to fight back against this new law to work towards a joyful celebration, the reality started to catch up with us. By the Friday evening, we were parting, knowing that we may not meet again anytime soon.

We are chatting online. We resume the show. Probably no longer in need of this argument, this decree, to strenghten our intentions. The celebration of BEING together in the city will remain.
A month ago to say that would have been naive, sissy, empty words.
Now we have patience. We dutifully wait until the next day we shall be allowed to walk the streets with you again. Reunited to cherish our renewed sense of freedom to exist in public space.

See you soon.